The POLYBOOST line of wax modifying polymers is based on the polymerization of Normal Alpha Olefin (NAO’s). These unique, highly branched materials are effective crystal modifiers for most hydrocarbon waxes and non-polar resins. POLYBOOST can be used as an alternate additive to Stearic Acid or Microcrystalline Wax. In fact, POLYBOOST has been described as a “hyper-micro wax” due to its extremely branched molecular structure.

The following benefits can be achieved by adding relatively small additions – less than 3% by weight.

  • Increased opacity
  • Gloss
  • Dimensional stability
  • Heat resistance
  • Increased oil binding characteristics
  • Improved dispersion of colorants

The POLYBOOST line includes the following products:

POLYBOOST™ 130*Recommended for use with waxes having melting points below 140°F.
POLYBOOST™ 165*Recommended for use with waxes having melting points above 140°F.

*Regularly stocked item in our Dallas, TX warehouse

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