Microcrystalline Wax – Its characteristics resemble those of the natural waxes closely, including its high melting point, high viscosity, flexibility at low temperatures, and high cohesion and adhesion. Micro waxes can be either soft and ductile, or, firm and brittle. Melting points range from 145 – 200+ degrees Fahrenheit. Color values include Black, Brown, Amber, Yellow, Ivory, and White. Micro waxes can be used as substitutes for natural waxes. Other applications include hot melt adhesives, chewing gum base, candle additives, laminating paper and foils, and polishes.

Clarus Specialty Products offers the following microcrystalline waxes. Applications may include adhesives, cosmetics, candle formulations, coatings, sculpting, encaustic art, and many more.

125-145°F (51-62°C) micro waxCSM Microblend 50
144-154°F (62-68°C) micro wax (LMP replacement)CSX Mircoblend 25
147-166°F (64-74C°) micro waxClarFlex
152-162°F (67-72°C) micro waxMicroplast
165-175°F (74-79°C) white waxCSM Optimus 1.0
165-175°F (74-79°C) amber waxCSM Optimus 2.0*
165-175°F (74-79°C) brown/sculpting waxCSM Optimus 3.0*
174-183°F (78-84°C) white waxCSM 2065
175-187°F (79-26°C) amber waxCSM Amber .80*
175-187°F (79-86°C) black waxCSM Onyx .80 Dark Micro
175-190°F (79-88°C)CSW 180W
185-191°F (85-88°C) micro waxCSM Microblend 40
191-199°F (88-93°C) micro wax (HMP replacement)HyMast GB
192-203°F (89-95°C) micro waxMicroblend 35*
195-203°F (90-95°C) micro waxMicroblend 45

*Regularly stocked item in our Dallas, TX warehouse

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