Clarus and candles work well together. Our experience and dedication to the candle industry goes back decades. We serve the candle industry be providing a wide range of paraffin’s, microcrystalline wax, and application specific custom candle blends. Container candles, pillars, votives, mottling candles, cut-n-carve, wick wax, and hybrid veggie/paraffin blends are all available in solid or bulk form. Many of our most popular candle products are inventoried in our Dallas, TX warehouse (customer pick-up is available). Products from the warehouse are sold by the carton or pallet. Contact us for details.

We know that candles can be more than wax. That’s why Clarus can also supply some typical candle ingredients. We offer white petrolatum (CSW Antero), UV absorber and POLYBOOST – our candle wax modifying polymer.

Tips on finding the right product:

  • CSP – products with this prefix are straight paraffin’s (no additives) followed by a typical melt point in Fahrenheit. If followed by “M” – wax is a consistent mottling wax.
  • CSB – The “B” denotes a blended wax product.
    • Stasis – (Latin for Stable) is our trade name for container candle blends.
    • Noble – our trade name for votive candle blends.
    • Majestic – our trade name for Pillar candle blends.
    • Braidcoat – our trade name for wick wax blends.
  • CSM – The “M” denotes a microcrystalline wax.

Blended Waxes

Blended Products

votive blend – high tempCSB Noble 3074*
veggie/paraffin blend container waxCSB Stasis 3020* (6006 alternative)
high veggie blend container waxCSB Stasis 3022*
single pour container waxCSB Stasis 3078* (J50 alternative)


Melt PointDescription
120-127°FCSP 123* Scale Wax
128-133°FCSP 133M* mottling wax
136-141°FCSP 138*
138-142°FCSP 140M* mottling wax
150-154°FCSP 152*
163-167°FCSP 165W* narrow cut


125-145°F (51-62°C) micro waxCSM Microblend 50
144-154°F (62-68°C) micro wax (LMP replacement)CSX Mircoblend 25
165-177°F (73-81°C) white micro waxOptimus +

Clarus Specialty Products

Clarus CSW Antero

white petrolatum in drums


UV light Stabilizer


UV light Stabilizer

PolyBoost 165*

candle polymer

Polyboost 130*

* regularly stocked item in our Dallas, TX warehouse

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